MESA - Moblity Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer

RF Detection & Analysis

The MESA is a highly portable, handheld spectrum analyzer that detects unknown, illegal, or disruptive transmissions. The combination of tools provided on the MESA set it above other portables spectrum analyzers on the market by putting sweep data at your fingertips with its user friendly touchscreen navigation.

Sweep & Operational Speed

MESA can sweep from 15 kHz up to 12 Ghz at 200 GHz per second using its accessory line of probes and antennas. The accessory antennas give you the flexibility to sweep for a variety of different signals in a variety of situations. The antennas can be fixed, bracket mounted, or hand held depending on the need.


  • Interference detection & troubleshooting
  • Detect RF, WiFi, Bluetooth, cell phones, illicit transmissions
  • Eavesdropping detection
  • RF emissions analysis

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